Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ella's 3rd Birthday-Part 2

Ella's birthday was on Thursday (Jan. 31st), so we woke her up with some birthday balloons and a song!  She was smiling from ear to ear and said "wow! thank you!"  Such a sweet little angel!

Yes, my sweet girl is still sleeping in a crib at 3!  She's never attempted to get out, so we are going to just leave here there until it's a problem or she hits kinder; whichever comes first :)

We fixed Ella a special birthday breakfast of pancakes & eggs and opened a couple presents before Daddy headed off to work.

Then I got to spend the whole day with my sweet birthday girl!  We played at the house for a few hours before heading to Hoppin House for a playdate with our MOPS friends!  She insisted upon wearing her "party dress" since it was her birthday!  So of course, I washed it (since she wore it to her other party already) and had it ready to go for our playdate and her upcoming afternoon party :)

After nap, we headed over to our neighborhood park for a party with some more friends.  We decided to do another celebration since our princess tea party wasn't real appropriate for our boy friends (her preschool class is 8 boys and 2 girls including Ella).   Some of her friends from school and some other friends came to celebrate with us and we had an absolute blast!

 Presley & Ella (the 2 girls in their preschool class)

 Lincoln, Presley, Ella & Joy (Dylan running in the background)

 Dylan, Lincoln, Presley, Ella, Joy & Lily

We tried to get them all together for a pic, but didn't manage (missing a couple here)

 Ella & Lincoln

Luke & Ella

 Cupcake Time!  She sang Happy Birthday with us which I thought was precious!

Time for a wish!

Couldn't wait to open Luke's pretty pink present!

Then we headed home to unwrap gifts with the family :) She got lots of girly thing and loved opening each one and then playing with took a while to get through them all which she was loving because it was pushing going to bed back further and further ;)

And sweet Aunt Shara & Uncle Aaron sent flowers to Ella because they couldn't be here to celebrate with us :(  She thought they were gorgeous!

We had such a special day together celebrating!  Hopefully we didn't set her up to think she needs multiple birthday celebrations every year :)  My little girl is 3 and I can't wait to see what this next year has in store for us!  I love you Ella Grace!!!
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