Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Fun at "My Gym"

We went to "My Gym" last night for a Halloween Party. It was a little chaotic with all the kids and parents running around in costume, but we had a blast! Ella was dressed up as a cowgirl because her real costume isn't finished yet. I'm in the process of sewing (for the 1st time) a Pebbles Flintstone costume, so cross your fingers I get it done and it stays sewn together when she wears it on Halloween :) However, the fun part about her wearing the cowgirl outfit, was that it was the same one I wore for Halloween right before I turned 2 :)

Ella-20 Months Old
Me-19 Months Old

Back to Cowgirl Ella...

The fringe on the bottom of the skirt was hurting her (it was so old & crinkly)

So, I'm cutting it off and she's unhappy that she can't help :(

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sweet Berry Farm

We went to Sweet Berry Farm last weekend to get a few pictures amongst the pumpkins. Even though it's finally fall, it still felt like summer here, so most of the pictures are of us with squinty eyes and sweaty faces :) Despite the heat, Ella had a great time running around, petting the horses, seeing chickens, goats, & donkeys, picking flowers, and going on her first hayride.

Ella thought she could pick the pumpkin up and move it...

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ella These Days

Life has been crazy these past few months and has flown by so quickly! Ella is now 20.5 months old and is absolutely hilarious! We can't get enough of her! She's finally starting to say some words instead of just using sign language and her little personality is shining through. Here's some pictures of her over the last few months.

Ella relaxing in her easy chair :)

Reading with Daddy! She still loves books and sitting in our laps to read them!

She thought it was funny to climb into the toy box, but couldn't get back out on her own.

Riding her horse through the house. She hasn't figured out how to go forward on it, so she just rides around backwards. She also loves to go on pony rides in our arms. She says "neigh neigh" and jumps up and down to tell us that's what she wants.

Playing hide-n-seek in the house

Reading books with her BFF, Joy

She loves her baby doll

And her bear (growls when referring to it)

She hates to wear a bow or headband, but thinks it's funny to put all her bows in her hair at the same time (and some in the dogs hair too).

I love this sweet face!

Doing art: She loves fingerpainting...

...but hates to have dirty hands!

Playing with her Uncle Jayce! Ella adores him!

She wanted to hold Myles...poor little guy looks like he's getting choked!

Ella is so proud of herself when she gets my shoes on to her little feet! She puts on a pair just about everyday and walks around the house. It's precious!

We finally got a little ponytail (one day she'll have some hair!)

So proud!

Ella loves to play with her new kitchen. She pretends to make us coffee!

She also loves to push her babies in the shopping cart

She just started liking headbands again last week and I'm thrilled! I think she likes to look pretty when she looks in the mirror and it matches her dress. Usually, we have to put a headband on her baby too :)

We try to do fun crafts or activities of some sort each week, and she loved this one...puff balls inside a baking tin.

So proud to get them all in!

Posing with Daddy in her dress from Nonee! So cute!

A mini tantrum...she just started these recently. She will stamp her feet, cry, and then come running over to me to get hugs. It's actually precious to watch, but a little scary to know what's coming in the future....

Precious little face

There's that smile that I can't get enough of :) Please ignore the momma with no make-up on

"I want outside!!!!"

This one cracks me up! She is telling us she wants to watch Baby Signing Time by signing baby, but it looks like she's just being prissy :)

Happy girl!

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