Sunday, January 9, 2011

More Catching Up...Moving on to November

So much happened during the month of November...

Ella became even more of a real little person with a shining personality. She began really getting around with perfecting her crawling and pulling up on things. She started eating more grown up foods since more teeth were in. She started talking so much more and waving and enjoys being the center of attention :)

Had to get a pic of her sleeping in the car because it doesn't happen very often

Drinking from her sippy cup

Ella keeps scratching her nose when she is sucking her thumb...this is one of the red spots that she occasionally wakes up with after scratching herself :(

So precious!

Ella thinks it's so funny to suck on her toes and does it to make me laugh :)

Looking cute before swim class

We traveled to Bracketville for a funeral in early November. It was our longest car ride so far (4 hours). My wonderful great grandfather, Francis Larson (Opa), passed away after 93 amazing years of life. He is missed so much!

Pops & Ella at the hotel before Opa's funeral

Candice, Shara, Me & Ella

Ella practicing her walking

I love Doreen!!!

The whole gang of cousins (well, most of us)

I participated in the Race for the Cure with some friends...even ran half of it---or I should say jogged at a super slow pace that even some walkers were passing me--- :)

We decorated our house for Christmas (even before Thanksgiving this year because I wanted to enjoy the tree and all the decor for longer this year).

We played in the yard and enjoyed the beautiful fall weather.
***Warning...many pictures to follow of us playing outside. I couldn't decide which ones I like the most, so I included all of them!!!

We celebrated Thanksgiving with our families. Sadly, I forgot to take pictures...

Hanging out with Grandpa (Mark's Dad)

We celebrated my birthday and other fun occasions with good friends!

The whole gang...Mark, Trey, Jules, Me, Rach, & Richmond
Love these guys & girls!
Navigating through life and parenthood wouldn't be as great without them by our sides :)

Happy Birthday kisses

The girls (including Macie)


Jules & me celebrating Guinn's school accomplishments

The boys :)

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