Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sick Ella

Ella started running fever last Wednesday afternoon. She started getting fussy, clingy, & hard to please and acted like that all week. We couldn't get her fever to go away, so we finally took her to the doctor on Friday. Other than the fever and a leftover runny nose from a cold she had the week before, she seemed fine (except for the fussiness and need to be held close). She was sad to watch all weekend because she didn't want to do anything. She literally laid around in my arms all weekend long and would just start crying out of the blue. It broke my heart!!! Finally, on Sunday morning, her fever broke and she was covered in a rash. According to the doctor and the research I did online, she had Roseola. It's a virus that is pretty common in childhood and is characterized by 3-7 days of fever followed by a rash. She's finally starting to feel more like herself again. It's taken her a few days to get back to walking well independently (since she didn't use her legs much while sick, they needed some warming up again I guess). We also think her 1 year molars are coming in, so she's still not completely her normal self and will occasionally start crying out of the blue or get super cranky for no reason (which is not characteristic of Ella). Even though I hated how bad she felt all week, it was kind of nice to get some cuddle time in and have her sit in my lap and let me hold her a lot. I already miss that!

Snuggled up with Daddy

We tried doing things when she seemed to be feeling better,
but she still wanted to be held and cuddled.

She would have bursts of feeling ok, but they were short lived.
Here, she thought it was funny to stuff my salad into her mouth.

Here's the rash. It didn't seem to bother her at all though :)

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Play Date Fun

Some of us ladies met up at Zilker Park to ride the train together last week.
All the kids seemed to have fun (and so did their mammas)!
Looking forward to our next play date!

Sarah & Olivia, Julee & Joy, Tiffany & Caleb, Me & Ella
(my sweet sister Shara met us too and took the picture, so sadly she's not in it)

Ella & Liam collecting rocks together before the train ride :)

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