Monday, July 4, 2011

17 Months

This post is more for me than anyone else reading it, but I've realized that I haven't been very good about recording what Ella can do at different stages. She's changing so much all the time! I thought there were lots of changes going on when she was a baby, but now, it's even happening faster and it's so cool to watch because most of it's mental and physical. I can't believe she will be an official toddler next month!!!

Here's what Ella's doing at 17 months!

Ella can say:
ball, puppy, mama, dada, grandpa, papa, granna, macie, myles, aaa for apple, banana, cracker, baba for sheep, neigh neigh for horse, water, no no no, aaa for avocado, bubbles, bird, yum yum yum, ssss for snack, monkey sounds for monkey, roars for lion, growls for bears, pants for dog, Dora
***side note: I can tell the difference between all of these words, but a lot of them sound alike to others :)
***She's also trying to say a lot more recently. She will repeat what we say even though it sounds nothing like it. She's always been pretty quiet, so it's nice to hear her trying to talk more.

Ella knows the signs for:
water, food, please, thank you, more, sleep, cereal, bird, frog, cat, here, help me, cracker, hat, bath, clothes, shoes, baby, milk, bubbles, book, car, airplane, all done, fish, tree, outside

Ella can identify these body parts (on her, other people & dolls, and in books):
ears, eyes, nose, cheeks, head, hair, feet, toes, hands, fingers, tummy, knees, chin, elbows, arm, leg, mouth, belly button

Ella loves to:
read books, play peek-a-boo, play chase around the house, push her doll stroller, pull us around by a finger, sing and dance to her Heartsong Music, try to make us laugh, throw the ball for the dogs, carry things around the house that are a big as her :) , clap my hands together, swim

Ella's favorite books right now:
Time for Bed, Goodnight Moon, Where is Baby's Belly Button & the other Karen Katz books like it, How Many Kisses Do You Want Tonight?, all of her alphabet books (3 page books for each letter of the alphabet), Growl Goes the Lion, Roar Goes the Bear

Ella's favorite toys right now:
baby dolls, stuffed bear, baby stroller, Fisher Price Learning Home, balls, ball popper, shaker eggs, BOOKS, BOOKS, & more BOOKS!

Temperment & Personality:
She loves to make us laugh and has a super cute pretend laugh of her own. She's a pretty happy baby most of the time. She loves to be around people and waves at everyone!!! She uses signs pretty regularly to communicate with us and others. I think "thank you", "please", "help me", and "food" are the ones she uses most! She pretty much carries a doll or stuffed animal around with her most of the time :)

Ella is starting to test limits a little bit. She will throw food off her high chair and look straight at me because I've told her many times not to do it. She will climb up on her chair and jump off and giggle because again, I've told her no. She occasionally will bite me and smile afterwards-it's a super soft bite but she's totally doing it to get a reaction.

She's also throwing mini-tantrums/melt-downs occasionally when things don't go her way. She will just start crying and the tears start flowing. She comes over to me and puts her head on my shoulder. It's so sad to watch.

She loves to grab our fingers and lead us where she wants us to go. When we are there, she will push against my legs to tell me to sit down. She loves to be independent, but wants me there with her at the same time.

Our Schedule:
  • 6-6:30 Wake Up & drink 3 oz of milk out of a sippy cup (She's usually awake when I look at the monitor, but rarely makes a sound)
  • 7:00 Breakfast with the family-she usually eats eggs, avocado, fruit, and an english muffin half with peanut butter (plays with it more than eats it) and sometimes some Cheerios. If it's a morning that I'm working out, she will have a second round of breakfast with me when I get home around 8.
  • 7:30 Play downstairs together or watch a few minutes of Baby Signing Time together.
  • 8:30 Nap
  • 10:00 or 10:30 Wake Up & drink 3 oz of milk w/snack (fruit, crackers, squeeze pouch or yogurt)
  • 10:30-1:00 We usually have some sort of activity going on during this wake time
Monday-Children's Museum
Wednesday-Music Class
Thursday-My Gym
Friday-we try to schedule play dates or we just run errands together
  • 1:oo or 1:30 Nap
  • 3:00 Wake Up & 3 oz milk & snack
  • 3:30-6:00 Family Time Activities and Playing
Wednesdays we go to swim class at 4:30-Ella loves swimming!!!
Some Thursdays, Omi comes over to hang out with Ella :)
  • 6:ooish Dinner (sometimes together as a family or sometimes just Ella) We try to give her what we are eating, but a lot of times she won't eat it. She loves soy hot dogs, chicken, turkey, brisket, peas, bread, & fruit. Everything else is hit or miss.
  • 6:30 Bath and Bedtime Routine --pajamas, milk, teeth brushing (such a battle to get those teeth brushed cuz she wants to do it on her own), read 2 stories, 3 or 4 songs while rocking
  • 7:00 Bedtime

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