Saturday, February 26, 2011

January Fun

She is just growing up too fast! Here's some pics to recap the month of January...

Our friends, The Guinns, spent New Year's Eve with us and we had a little slumber party at our house. We ate dinner, put the girls down for the night, and played games while enjoying a glass of wine. It was so fun! We forgot to take pictures on New Year's Eve, but we captured our fun at the park the next day :)
Daddy & Ella bouncing

The 3 of us :)

Ella & Joy

Mommy & Ella

Daddies & Daughters

Mommies & Daughters

Ella loves to ride her tricycle (inside or out)

Showing off her toothy grin :)

Acting silly while we play

Playing with her nativity scene (she likes it too much to put it up with the other Christmas stuff)

Making funny faces

Ella loves to pull up the edges of the foam padding in her playroom...I know; not the most sanitary of things to do. I usually stop her, but had to snap a picture first :)

Super cute grin showing off her bottom 4 teeth
She has 4 on top too

Posing with Olive the Owl

Daddy-Daughter Bath Time

Ella & Joy are enjoying their bath with Trey & Mark

Hanging out with the Guinns at the pool at Lifetime

Julee & Joy with Ella & Me

Daddy & Ella walking in the water

"This is so fun!!!"

Family pic in the water

Joy & Ella napping in different rooms after our play date

Ella, Joy, & Olivia playing together at the music table

Group Play Date

Harding, Joy, Olivia, Ella, & Caleb

Best Buddies :)

Ella playing ball

She loves to crawl up to me when I have the camera out

Ella at Gymboree

Her after nap face :)

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Christmas...Better Late Than Never :)

We spent Christmas at my parents this year. Mark's parents went to Indianapolis to visit his sister's family, so we celebrated with them the week after Christmas. It was a special time because we ended up spending the entire weekend at my parents, which allowed the whole family an opportunity to hang out and spend some quality time together (which we don't get to do very often). It was also special because my grandparents were there and got to spend a lot of time with Ella. She enjoyed her time in P-ville and bonded with everyone :)

Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning

Matching pajamas for the boys :)
Jayce hated this idea!

Patiently waiting for breakfast

We love you Nonee & Papa!

Before we started...

Ella wasn't quite sure what was going on

But it looked like fun :)

Loving on her new sock monkey from Omi

Unwrapping other people's gifts...

Mommy got a sewing I just have to learn how to sew ;)

Ella loved the paper!

She also loved this little box and crawled around with it ALL morning.

Sporting her Christmas tutu

More unwrapping

Pops got her a Tickle Me Elmo...she was highly amused by it

Love at first sight :)

She enjoys chewing on the stick more than playing the xylophone

Practicing her climbing skills on the many boxes

I love presents!

My dad got all of his girls "Snuggies". We look like a large piece of bubble gum.
Hate to admit it, but I actually use mine most evenings :)

Matching pajamas

The Rest of Christmas Weekend

Hanging out playing games...
Jayce misses his big sister

Christmas with the Tufts

She just loves that paper

And bows...

And climbing on the gifts...

Thanks Grandma & Grandpa for my great gifts! I love my music table!

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