Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So Close, Yet So Far...

I am now in the middle of my 33rd week of pregnancy. I can't believe the end is getting so close. We are beyond excited at the thought of holding our little girl in a month and a half! It's fun to imagine what she will look like and how she will act. I've noticed that time has started to slow down some, I guess due to my anticipation of her arrival.

At the beginning of December, my sweet sister Shara threw us a couples baby shower. We had such a great time hanging out with friends and family. Here's a couple pics from that night. I was 30 weeks along.

We recently had a 4D ultrasound for fun and found her to be very active, yet very cramped inside of me. She loves to kick and do somersaults inside of me daily, which has recently started to hurt at times, but is so fun to watch and feel as well. I think I will miss that the most. Overall, I'm feeling pretty good, just starting to feel uncomfortable at times due to having extra weight up front.

This is our 3D ultrasound picture taken at 31 weeks. As you can see, Ella is super cramped inside and has her knee shoved against her tiny face. Yet, she's able to move around like crazy.

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