Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween with Pebbles

We celebrated Halloween with a bunch of friends again this year. We had a blast last year when everyone came over, but this year was even more fun because all the kiddos were on the move and excited! We had 7 kiddos to take around the neighborhood trick or treating and they all did great (we only made it to 4 houses)! Ella was dressed as Pebbles Flintstone and looked precious! I was just excited that the costume I made her stayed sewn together and actually looked somewhat like the Pebbles images :) Here's some fun shots of the night...

Ella practicing her Thriller moves :)

All 3 of my babies posing for the camera

Sweet little girl!

I can't get enough of her smile!!!

Ella and her sweet friend Joy (aka: BumbleBirdie)

Ella, Olivia, & Joy

The whole crew walking up to a neighbor's house

The whole gang...We are blessed with some great friends!

Daddies & their babes

Mommies & their angels

Ella refused to look at the camera...too interested in figuring out how to get that package open

Ella checking out Roman's wheels...she was a bit envious :)

Blurry attempt at capturing Ella eating candy through the wrapper

Proudly wearing Mommy's shoes-not her mommy's shoes, but her BFF's momma's shoes :)

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