Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Watch Me Grow!

I wish I had been doing this from the very beginning, but I just started taking pictures of Ella next to her stuffed bunny to show how much she is growing each week. You can't really tell too much at this point (especially since the bunny isn't that big either), but I'm sure as she gets bigger, it will be more obvious. Here is Ella at 5, 6, & 7 weeks...
5 weeks old
5 Weeks-all stretched out!

6 weeks old
6 Weeks-all stretched out!

7 Weeks old
Ella looking precious & holding hands with her bunny
7 Weeks-all stretched out!

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Ella's First Times...

We are past the one month mark now and have had a bunch of firsts...here's a few I've captured on film :) Life has been such a joy having little Ella in it. We are sleep deprived, overwhelmed (maybe that's just me), and clueless as new parents, but loving every minute of this new journey we are on.
Our first time in the sling...Mommy is still a unsure of how to do the whole baby wearing thing

An upclose shot of Ella snoozing in the sling...she "purrs" the whole time she's in it
First time in the activity gym
Trying out tummy time
First ride in the swing-doesn't seem to be a fan, but we will keep trying
First nap in the pack-n-play...slept like a champ!
First time in the portable swing-we like this one!
Our first snow storm!
Ella napped through much of our snow day :)
More snow pics
Our first real outing together
We went to MOPS at the church and were gone for a whole 3 hours!!!
What an accomplishment for both of us :)
Daddy & Daughter Day-Hanging in the swing (still not in love with it, but liking it more)
Our first trip to get coffee together
Ella looking too cute for words :)

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